Sunday, 17 July 2011

Murder 2

Finding appropriate relations to this movie itself seem easier still. Bhatts have as it appears dubbed it closer to their Taxi Driver Sadak rekeaed in1991. The psychotic anti-hero here (Prashant Narayanan) is pretty much rehashed from the one in the Bhatts' Silence of the Lambs reconstruct Sangarsh that rammed the multiplexes in1999. Where Ashutosh Rana dresses up as a woman, in red lipstick.this very good News.A private police officer Emraan Hashmi has a night left to nail this Jack the rip-off.

Or so a natty lawyer tells him. Which is strange. Kung-fu Pandey's already in the lock-up, has admitted to being a serial killer to a top cop. His parents have verbally testified. So has an old victim, another prostitute. Cell number of the current prey's been traced.South Korean movies, those in the know will tell you, have of late critically rewritten grammar of.

Blood, love sacrefica. Pandey finally walks in with various implements to attack prostitutes, bunch of them into garbage bags for Murder 2. You wobble. There's homo-erectus Emraan Hashmi, and his sizzling heroine. That's what really made the first one a huge, hot hit. The leading couple make out. For no apparent fact. It's pebble cold still. But you never know people will flock. I assume. However, don’t give it a miss, just go and watch it !!!

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